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January 23, 2020

I see you, Mama.

I see you mama.


I see you barely together when you drop your kids off at school. Hair is a mess, you seem exhausted but I see you. I see you hugging your kids telling them that you love them. I see you fixing their hair and putting 100% into them while you wait to fix yourself up at home if you have time. I see your face it says "I hope kids are nice today" it says "please be respectful" I see you watch them as they run off with their friends. Oh mama I see you.


I see you at the grocery store. Scrambling to get things into the cart.  You are rushing because you have to get back to work and this was your only bit of free time for the day. Or you are rushing because your toddler is screaming and tired and you are exhausted and embarrassed from their child acting up. You want to just get some coffee and hide. I see you.


I see you dropping your children off at childcare and I see how sad you are to leave because you want to be with them but you also have to go to work or school. I see you. Doing the best you can for yourself and your kids in that moment.


I see you finally getting the baby down after hours of screaming. You are warming up that cup of coffee for the 5th time this morning but you feel that sense of relief because it is quiet. For just a moment. I see you.


I see you struggling to get up out of bed because you are sad. Hurting. Depressed. But you know you have to get up for your children. For yourself. I see you.


I see you sitting in your car crying. You are overwhelmed. Overworked. Underappreciated and hurt. The car isn't moving. You are just sitting just trying to gather yourself before you tackle the day once again. I see you.


I see you alone. With your kids. Doing it by yourself. Frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. You have no choice but to keep pushing forward because you are all your kids have. But you do it. It is a struggle but you do it. I see you


I see you. You may have a child that requires extra attention and you just don't know how to keep it together. You do everything for them but sometimes it is TOO much but you love your kid so much that you continue to stand up for them and fight for them. You are admiring. I see you.


I see you working two jobs and going to school full time. You never see your kids but you are doing it FOR your kids. I see you. Keep going. I am proud of you.


I see you..you are really young. In school still or just out of school. Having a baby young was never in your plan but we all know we don't write our own plan in life. You want to be  young you miss your old life. THAT IS OKAY. YOU CAN MISS PARTS OF YOUR LIFE. But this is your life. It is so hard but you MANAGE and you are doing an incredible job. I SEE YOU.


I see you mama. Your anxiety is through the roof. You have a million and one things to do today but zero time. You can't remember the last time you had a hot shower or 10 minutes alone. You want to curl up and cry...so go do it. CURL UP AND CRY. THEN GET UP keep pushing.


I see you and you are at the end of your rope. You just can't do it. It is all TOO MUCH. You can't handle the stress and anxiety and life it just won't stop. Look at your children. Look at how beautiful and amazing they are. YOU CAN DO IT. Remember you are a worthy person. CHOOSE happy.


Anxiety sucks but you are stronger than your anxiety. You are stronger than your depression. WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF WHAT HAPPENS. All we can do is handle things when they come..that is all we are in control of. We can choose to let hard times and hard days consume us or we remind ourselves that we can get through it. Life tosses crap DAILY but we have to take it as it comes handle it with grace and move forward.


I see you all. Doing the best that you can. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It isn't easy. BUT YOU DO IT. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Right now things seem hard and nothing makes sense but one day it will and we just have to remember that every day we push through the physical and emotional obstacles is one day CLOSER to it all making sense.


YOU ARE AMAZING. Remember that. Breathe. Keep pushing!


There are a million different things that can go wrong during the day. Things pop in when we least expect it to and all we can do is handle it breathe remind ourselves that we are strong and capable and move on.







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