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October 01, 2019

how a doula can help you rock your birth

You are about to have a baby and your experience should be about you and you know what you want and you have made this plan of how you would like your birth to go. You understand that things may change and sometimes things are out of your control but you are missing that extra support, that extra cheerleader. You need that person who can make you feel empowered and your partner feel empowered. A person who tells you that you can do it and helps you achieve that goal in the best way possible.



We are called doulas and we are here to help you along the way! We are here to make this experience about YOU. Because this is YOUR birth and YOUR child therefor it should all be about you and what you want and your feelings. 



Doulas are interesting to me because before I became one I thought that child birth was pretty black and white. You go in and have a baby then go home. But there is SO much more to it. There is this overwhelming strength that you see from someone who is birthing a child it is almost primal. When you give someone the courage to do hard things they begin to believe in themselves to where you can see them change in a very positive way. You see them come out of their shell and gain self confidence and every time you see them before their birth they seem more and more empowered. A doula doesn't TELL anyone what to do or that their choices are wrong. A doula says "YES YOU CAN DO THIS GO KICK ASS AND DON'T LET ANYONE STOP YOU".



We all could use a cheerleader like that. Someone who is on our team and has our back without over stepping. This is about you and your journey and what you want, we are just here to help you achieve those goals. Things DO change. Plans DO change but we are here to mold around those changes. You should never feel like a failure or that you could have done better because in my opinion there is NO wrong way to give birth but you should ALWAYS feel happy about your birth. EVEN if you end up birthing a different way then you had planned at least you had all of the information.



I had cesarean sections with all three children. Each situation was completely different than the other but in the end I always knew that the choice was for the better and that I was completely informed on my choices. As long as YOU feel good about your choices and birth it doesn't matter HOW or WHERE you birthed. There are emergencies and those are unpreventable and sometimes your home birth may change and you have to birth in the hospital and that is OKAY. There is nothing wrong with birthing in a hospital or at home but you HAVE to feel good and positive or your birth story will forever bug you, that is what we are here for.



We are here to HELP you find that sense of empowerment, HELP you find the education and HELP you gain the knowledge you need to better yourself and your birth and HELP you be the strong bad ass that we know you are.


We aren't here to replace anyone and we aren't here to step on toes we are just educated cheerleaders who are ready to help you kick your births ass no MATTER how you choose to birth! 



So go in FEELING empowered and strong and kick ass and rock that birth!

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