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December 08, 2019

Hip water bottle & Cup Review

So on black friday this year I was dinking around online and this ad popped up for this water bottle company called "hip" I was bored so I said k, i'll bite.



Everything on Hip's Website was intriguing the colors of the water bottles, the fact that they had cute coffee cups and they even have glass cups. I love the fact that they are partnered with healthy harbor which is is all about healthy water and keeping the environment clean and healthy.


This is taken directly from their website: [For every Hip item sold we'll remove disposable water bottles, polystyrene coffee cups and plastic grocery bags from the water]


AWESOME! I love supporting companies that are all about making a difference in the world. 

Okay let's check out the awesome products I purchased for myself!


Choosing a color was hard but I settled on the hot pink for the water bottle and the baby blue and soft pink for the cup but now seeing them in person I will probably order a few more colors because I am hooked!


Seriously look how cute they are!!!




I will start with the water bottle! I like the bottle is thin and easy to carry. A lot of my water bottles are giant and bulky and hard to pack around. I have three kids so I am already packing a thousand things around and this fits perfectly in my diaper bag which is really nice! The bottle is clear and BPA and BPS Free titan plastic free which is cool because it gives off a glass look! 





I am totally loving the texture of the bottle grip too! Super nice easy to hold and it looks cute too! LOVING the handle too! The handle is stretchy and overall I am loving the design! The lid is cute and easy to open as well.





Again, I love that they give back. As shown every bottle you purchase helps them clean water and provide 2 days of clean water for a person in need. Love it! <3





So! There are a few buying options. When I purchased the bottle and cup I purchased through their website and I will provide that link for you and I JUST found out today that they also sell their items on amazon! Which is a win because I love amazon.








Okay, Let's move on to the cute coffee/tea cup!


I wen't with the cute baby blue and pink one but I do have a few other colors currently in my cart for purchase! I pretty much ALWAYS am drinking coffee or tea so this was an awesome find and purchase for that!




I like this cup because it isn' too terribly big but big enough to hold a nice big cup of coffee or tea at 12oz each serving.   


I like that all of their products are BPA free and this one is cute and it fits in every cup holder, my stroller cup holder and comfortably on the sides of the diaper bag! Plus the colors are cute and the grip sides are nice when holding!




This cup also has a easy push slot top to open and close the drink spout




BPA Free, Phthalate Free, FDA Approved and great for keeping liquids hot and liquids chilled as well!







and of course through amazon





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