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February 18, 2020

February's Boxycharm box

This month's box was nice! I really liked that there was a few larger items this month I cannot wait to try out a new look! I look forward every month to my box! My mama feel pretty box!


Let's Get Started!




I really appreciate how well they package everything in the box so nothing arrives broken or damaged! They have excellent customer service if you ever run into an issue!




There wasn't a theme for this month's box but I absolutely love it regardless!



The first item in my February's box was an illuminating highlighter by Laura Gellar and I love the color name "Baked Gellato Swirl"  I love Gellato! This item retails at $35.00! So alone the highlighter is worth well over what the box of all of the goodies costs!






Next in the box was a pack of refreshing cleansing hemp wipes by Evio Beauty. I am always looking for a nice makeup removing wipe for myself! Most wipes dry your face out but I tried this brand before I did the review and loved the way my skin felt after. This pack retails $9.50




Next we have a coconut setting powder by Ciate London! I LOVE setting powder! I hadn't ever really used it in the past and in a previous box early last year I received one and LOVED it so I am super excited to have received another one! Retails for $22.00





Alright next in my box was a 3 pack of makeup sponges by Luxie which is super exciting because I LOVE makeup sponges! I used to always use my hands and sometimes I still do but the sponges make a HUGE difference when applying my foundation! These are probably the nicest sponges I now have! They retail at $40.00! [If you have not figured it out yet just get the boxycharm subscription look at all the amazing-ness I have gotten so far this month! 




Last in my box was this large Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette by Iconic! I just have to say EVERY single color is gorgeous! I use a lot of neutral colors on my eyes especially since I usually wear Hot pink or Red lipstick so the nice calm tones are my favorite. I was pumped to see this palette! How gorgeous IS THIS! Ahhh Also it retails for $60.00 and it was basically free in my box so it was a huge win!





Seriously look at these colors! LOVE!


That was this month's box and I am super loving it! I cant wait to test a new look this week when I can wash my hair and have a little mom time to doll up!



Here are a few preview pics of everything from this month! Go sign up! Seriously what are you waiting for!





HERE is the sign up link! Enjoy! And if you sign up come back and comment let me know what you think!







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