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October 24, 2019

exercising during pregnancy

During all three of my pregnancies the last thing on my mind was working out and being active after all, growing a human is really hard work! But after getting gestational diabetes with my first two children I just knew that I needed to make sure I was taking all of the proper steps during my third pregnancy when it came to my health. 


I almost have to be tricked into exercising in order for me to actually work out and take it seriously but I found some fun ways to stay active during my pregnancy so I could be in good health for when it was time to have my baby.


Keep in mind exercise during pregnancy shouldn't be aimed to lose weight. I know it is really tough because weight gain can be hard for anyone however, it should be for physical strength and fitness.



My midwife gave me the OK to do zumba since it was something I really enjoyed before pregnancy. Obviously you should check in with your provider and see what they think not only that never try to push your body if you feel tired, it is OK to take a break.



This one is easy but also a lot of work at the same time. During my pregnancies all I wanted to do was lay around because every part of my body was hurting and aching but once I got moving even just a little bit I felt better. I would encourage my husband to walk with me so we were both helping each other out and if he was on board then so was I and it helped me stay motivated having that walking buddy.



I enjoyed yoga during pregnancy it really helped me relax. You don't need to go down and get a fancy membership there are plenty of videos online that you can do however, try going to at least one yoga class you might make a friend. Yoga during pregnancy helps keep your body relaxed and flexible especially since your body is going through some tough work right now and everything is probably starting to ache so the stretching will help a ton.



I swam a lot before pregnancy so when I found out that I was pregnant I kept it up because I loved how relaxing it was for me and my body. Swimming is already one of the best forms of exercise so swimming during pregnancy is extremely helpful especially when your hips begin to hurt and your stomach starts to grow. I had really bad sciatic pain and swimming even just for 30 minutes during the morning helped relieve some of that pain.


Remember always check in with your health care provider before trying something new or mixing it up during pregnancy! Do what feels right for you and only do what makes you feel comfortable.







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