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November 05, 2020

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you thinking about if you may be pregnant or not? I know it can be alarming if maybe you aren't trying to get pregnant or if you ARE trying to get pregnant you feel something is off and instantly question if you are pregnant or not. It is important to remember that every person is different therefore everyone will experience different symptoms or sometimes NO symptoms. It is also important to remember that pregnancy symptoms can also mimic PMS symptoms as well. So let's discuss the most common pregnancy symptoms that can pop up either right away or into the first trimester.



Spotting and Cramping:

This is a really common symptom combo especially if you are expecting your period. Sometimes you may get cramping with no spotting or spotting with no cramping or BOTH at the same time. It is easy to mistaken this combo for your period especially if it is around the time you would start your period. After conception when the egg implants it can cause cramping and slight spotting. BUT not always.


This is called Implantation bleeding it doesn't always occur but it is best described as slight cramping somewhat like a period and happens before your period is due. Usually 10-12 days before your period is due but has been known to happen the day or a few days after a missed period. The bleeding is usually spotting and lasts a day or even just a few wipes. Where as a period is heavier as the hours and days go as the uterine lining begins to shed.




It is normal to feel tired when you are menstruating as it can cause weakness from blood loss ect. However when you have become pregnant your body is working in overdrive to grow another human WHILE taking care of you which can make you feel very tired. The hormone progesterone is higher after conception which can cause lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure making you feel weaker. This doesn't always happen but if conception has occurred you can feel tired, be sure to rest and take care of yourself.




Not every pregnant person will experience nausea but it is a common symptom for some who have become pregnant. Nausea can occur at anytime of the day but it has been known to be more common in the early morning, for me it was all day every day for months with each pregnancy. But again EVERY pregnancy will be different. 



Missed period:

Your missed period is the most COMMON pregnancy symptom especially since a period is usually the same time every month give or take a few days. NOW sometimes things that are happening in our personal lives and health can impact your cycle. Weight loss or gain can impact a cycle, diet or stress can delay a period as well. It is important to make sure to contact your doctor if you miss a period and you have a negative test to see if something else is going on. BUT you also want to reach out to a dr if you have missed a period and have tested positive because your health and your babies is important. If you miss your period and test and it is negative give it a few more days or a week before testing again, your doctor is also able to do a blood test as well.



Frequent Urination: 

Hormone levels can cause frequent urination as well as the growing uterus pushing pressure on your bladder. If it hurts to use the bathroom or burns contact your dr as there could be something else going on such as an infection or something else.



Breast Tenderness:

Breast changes are also another common early pregnancy symptom however many experience tender breasts when they are menstruating or on birth control. Hormone levels are crazy after conception which can make your breasts change in size and comfort, the area around your nipples may also darken.



It is important to remember that every pregnancy is completely different and everyone may experience different symptoms or none at all. It is also important to remember that pregnancy symptoms mimic other things going on so the best thing you can do is test and consult a doctor and go from there.





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