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September 30, 2019

relaxing and de-stressing before childbirth

Pregnancy can be a crazy ride: and by crazy I mean up and down then side to side then a huge high then a huge low mixed with crazy hormones and it is completely normal.


But sometimes we feel too many feels and it tends to overwhelm us and control our day which can make it hard to focus on the good of pregnancy. I have had three full term pregnancies and each pregnancy was completely different and by different I mean hospital stays, prenatal anxiety and depression, stress and lots of laughter. Sounds like a lot right? Oh it was. That is the crazy thing about pregnancy is you do not know what you are going to get with each go but what is to be expected is you are probably going to be stressed out at one point during your pregnancy. Once you can understand that you will be stressed out at least once then you can have the mindset and have a game plan on how to handle that stress when the time comes. 



A few things that I loved during my pregnancies were staying active. It is a great way to destress as well as clear your mind. There are so many things and emotions floating around in your head when you are pregnant and just taking an evening stroll around the block not only keeps you active but allows you to breathe and really think.


Hypnobirthing is another fantastic way to relax during pregnancy. Hypnobirthing is fantastic because during the class they really help you focus on breathing, relaxing techniques as well as how to deal with the pain of childbirth naturally. 



Yoga is amazing. I did prenatal yoga during my third pregnancy and boy did it help!

 I am a huge tense ball of stress at all times and we all know stress isn’t healthy during pregnancy so the stretching and breathing along with the calming music and sounds was an amazing outlet. 



Two words. Bubble. Bath. Seriously, I lived in the bath throughout my last pregnancy  especially after a long tense day! Natural oils and soaps are advised especially since you will be soaking and you do not want to risk infection. Light some candles, get some music going and turn the lights off and soak away your problems!



LASTLY, communication is probably my favorite way of relaxing and de-stressing. I don’t mean talking to yourself [which I do because I find myself to be a fantastic listener] I mean talk to your partner and if that isn’t an option a friend is always great. Talking about what is on your mind helps you prepare more, relax and not feel so clustered and tense. 



The important thing is finding something that works best for you even if it means trying a few things until you find what works best. Listen to your body and never feel guilty for taking time for yourself as self care is incredibly important. Childbirth and the whole crazy parenting storm after is a lot so why not destress and focus on relaxation before all of that comes. Make time for you at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but remember you are a high priority and deserve to be treated as such, especially by YOU.



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