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December 21, 2019

December's Boxycharm box



I seriously love December! I love the lights and the smell of the fresh cut tree [not mine because it is fake but I love the smell of other trees lol] I love the snow and just everything about the holidays is very exciting to me! ALSO getting a boxy charm box this month was kinda like a Christmas gift even though I had to pay for it...either way I was excited for it to come!


I am hoping by now you have subscribed to boxycharm if you have NOT I suggest that you do so. I have had a subscription for a long time and every month I am very pleased with what comes in the mail! I consider it my MOM box. I am constantly getting things for the kids and making sure that everyone else has everything they need so every month when my box arrives I get super giddy because they are items JUST. FOR. ME!






Okay! let's get started!



I love that each box is labeled and this box was labeled "Whimsy" which as soon as I read it I knew it was going to be a great and fun box!





So the first awesome product I found in my box was this ADORABLE palette. It is by Storybook Cosmetics and it is the Fairy tales: Robin hood! HOW CUTE. I love that it has fun colors that go with the book and it has a fun magnetic book opening which makes it fun and very creative!


See look how cute it is! 




It even came with this cute little "mirror mirror quote on the inside of the BOOK"




LOVING these colors!




Loving this little eye shadow palette. You can get this palette for $35 OR just get a boxy charm box and you can see that just ONE item pays for itself and then some ;)





Next In my awesome December box was Waterfall Glacier Water Cream by Saturday Skin

I am not too familiar with water cream however after doing some research the FIRST thing it talks about is how it is "anti - aging" which that had me sold right there. But it delivers mineral-rich moisture while also protecting the skin from free radicals and it also has plant extracts. I took a shower earlier and after I used it after my face had dried and my skin felt soft! I am looking forward to continuing to use this product. You can get this item for $39 on it's own or again...just get the box



(isn't my little Christmas truck cute!? I wanted to add a little holiday flavor)




Next we have a Marbled Light Illuminating Blusher by CIATE (NO clue how to pronounce it but it is a nice highlighter/blush!) I really like that this is blush is very soft and has a matte feel and you can use it as a simple little highlighter for a little extra something! This alone costs $26






Next we have a Brush Cleanser and Conditioner by Aesthetica

I actually do not have a brush cleanser and I KNOW I should but now that I have one I am excited to use it! I usually just use soap and water and let the brush's air dry but now I am excited to have a product that is made for cleaning the brushes. This cleanser runs for $12






Next we have a Brow Makeover Kit by Brow Bar

AND I COULD USE A BROW MAKEOVER. Seriously I see these ladies and gentlemen with LEGIT brows and it's like OK TEACH ME. please. So who knows maybe I will watch a youtube video and learn. This little kit is super cute by the way. It comes with the colors the gel and a brush! Awesome! This retails for $30! 



OKAY so ONCE AGAIN if we have learned anything...Get the box. I have discovered that they now have like king size boxes or something [let me go look] Okay so it is called Boxyluxe like DELUXE [knee slapper] but it looks awesome and I am pretty sure I am going to upgrade because I love saving money on amazing products!


Here is a link if you wanna give it a go :)












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