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December 17, 2020

Decembers bitsy box product review

I cannot believe we have come to the end of another year! I feel like 2020 went by fast...but I mean I doubt anyone will be super torn up over it. What a cute way to end the year but with a CUTE and adorable product review involving my youngest little person!


WE LOVE our bitsy boxes and are happy to pay for a box every month! She has grown up with a box a month and each box is tailored to her and we are always so happy with the fun variety so of course we love to share with our readers and subscribers the goodies she gets!


This article DOES contain affiliate links. Meaning if you click the link and purchase through the link I get a credit at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support <3




Let's dive into Blakey's December box! 


This month's box theme is "Tickled" and the little "Did you know" is super cute talking about how when your kiddo smiles from tickling they are smiling in response to interacting with you - not from the actual tickling. interesting. 


The first item in this month's box is a cute little wooden puzzle by World of Eric Carle [Very hungry caterpillar and friends] SUPER cute! We have the board books and a few toys and now I am super happy to see other fun items from the brand! Love the quality and my little one loved it too as SOON as I let her open it up she played with it for a while! I would love to try to find the other animals! You can find the CUTE puzzles here: Wood Puzzle 



Next we have a cute snack baggie from Apple Cheeks! I have received a few of these in boxes before and use them a LOT. I also have tons of other brands but these are probably more affordable than others but helpful! I use them for snacks, makeup, travel, you name it! I couldn't find the applecheeks ones but here are some made by bumkins that I also love if you want to give them a try! Bumkins Snack Baggies



Okay next up is a super cute board book called Tickle Time which is SUPER adorable! We have a pretty good sized board book collection so I am always excited when i see a new book for Blakey! You can get it here along with other books similar! Tickle Time Book



Okay up next there was some baby wash by Little Twig in the scent - Happy Tangerine and I have not heard of this brand before but I did a little research! I found out the brand is Organic which I love because ALL of my kiddos have mega sensitive skin. It is SO hard finding a wash that doesn't make their skin break out. Looking forward to trying this brand out! It does smell fantastic which is a bonus. The brand also has shampoos and conditioners, baby powder, lotion and more! Looking forward to adding more of this brand to our collection! You can find their line of baby bath/wash stuff here: Little Twig Baby Wash



Okay THE LAST item in this month's box is a bath toy by Nuby! We usually get a toy but never a bath toy so this was an awesome find! Here you can find bath toys by Nuby! Nuby Bath Toys



I thought it was really cute they added a little snack in the box and Blake went CRAZY. Girl loves her snacks and she is usually pretty picky but LOVED these! So now of course I need to find them for her! OF COURSE Amazon for the win! Decent sized baggies! Bamba Puff Baby Snacks


That wraps up this box and review! We love doing reviews and cannot wait for the next one!






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