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March 13, 2020

Cover Me Ponchos - Mom and Baby review

This is a collaboration review with Cover Me Ponchos!


I have used a variety of products throughout the past 11 years of being a mom and I love that there are new products constantly coming out for new mamas and mamas to be! Breastfeeding has and will always be one of my favorite things about being a mom! It is SO empowering and comforting and loving and such a wonderful experience. But sometimes it can be REALLY hard. like REALLY REALLY hard which can make it hard to comfortably nurse. Sometimes we struggle with getting comfortable nursing at home or in public. Sometimes we want to cover up and feel that sense of privacy in the home, outside of the home, wherever! Or we are out and open about our nursing journey which is also just as wonderful.



Personally, I am pretty out and open with breastfeeding but sometimes I prefer to cover up in it has NOTHING to do with me feeling like I NEED to, it's because sometimes I just want to. 


I have used a LOT of covers over the years some are stiff and hard to use, some have had Velcro or metal hooks. Some are THICK or some are just too thin of fabric. So when I was contacted about trying a new to nursing poncho I was ALL about checking it out! I love a company who values the people who use their product and who takes the time to make a product for ALL types of bodies and people. 



I am a pretty curvy gal so knowing that their covers are made for all different body types was really comforting! It is really hard using a product that you just do not feel good in so I was eager to try a new cover! 


My first initial reaction was "GORGEOUS" even in the packaging the colors were super vibrant and you could really tell the quality through the package. The covers on their site were VERY appealing. Variety, different sizes for different bodies, and overall "cute! and comfortable" So when my covers arrived I was pleased to see the quality and colors were just as attractive as they were on their website!



The colors that I chose were "Goldilocks and Terra Cotta" and boy was I pleased! 


Right NOW on their site they have a buy one get one 50% on their site so go order you won't be disappointed! 






See! Gorgeous and you can SEE how soft the fabric is through the packaging!


I am a huge snuggler while I nurse my little and our spot is anywhere comfortable especially during nap time! So we decided to try our covers out in moms room where we usually nap and play and nurse! Blake absolutely LOVED the ponchos and SO did I!! The opening for when I put them on was wide which was nice because it was comfortable around the neck and not tight and restricting! I struggle with restricting clothing so these were so comfortable right away! They were SO SOFT wow! Loved the feel when they were on. I wanted to just wear them and I might just even wear them when I leave the home even when I am not nursing that is how cute and quality they are!



We snuggled. We nursed. We played Peek-a-boo and we hung out! The ponchos never once felt too hot, they were comfortable and after baby nursed she snuggled up with it and used it as a blanket! Wonderful quality!

I am 5'3 and the regular size was MORE than comfortable and super flattering! 




WE ALWAYS snuggle with a blanket and these shawls felt super cuddly. 




I love how stretchy the ponchos are without STRETCHING and STAYING stretched out! They are thin, stretchy and quality and cute!



I am seriously in love with these and can't wait to order a plaid for fall and a floral for summer because I am obsessed with the fact that I can wear these while nursing, snuggling or just to wear because they are seriously adorable with any outfit for any outing!



We went to the park today and baby LOVED snuggling and nursing with our cover in the grass! I loved that I could snuggle up with a cover at home, snuggle and nurse in privacy at the park without it being too hot AND use it as a cart cover!



Winning product! Thank you cover me ponchos!


Right NOW on their site they have a buy one get one 50% on their site so go order you won't be disappointed! ALSO they will be adding petite AND plus sizes to their site come end of march! 







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