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March 23, 2021

March 2021 BoxyCharm Box - Product Review

I had a fun time unboxing this month's boxycharm subscription box! If you didn't have a chance to check out the video I made please do that! As awkward as I was, it was my first video!





So that was fun! I am going to walk you through the box and talk about each item as we go!



The first item in this month's box is an eye shadow pallet by Lime Crime! This is one of my favorite brands! I love that their brand is always fun and spunky! I have a few of their glosses and the glosses are glittery and holographic almost - so I always love checking out their products. You can snag this product on boxycharms website or on amazon: LIME CRIME EYESHADOW PALETTE

Seriously look at those colors! Some neutrals, bolds and glitters! Super pigmented too!



Next was a face moisturizer by Glow Recipe and as I mentioned in my video it was something I ALMOST just bought! I need to get the rest of the items they make because after using this cream for a few days I am obsessed with how it makes my skin feel!! Total win and worth the money 100%! Here is a link for their amazon items where they have other scents and items!! GLOW RECIPE BANANA MOISURIZER

My son is so awesome he was all about smelling the product and being involved! I always let my kids try out products and they really liked this one too!



Okay next we have a wet brush cleaning system that is a duo for cleaning brushes! Which is pretty cool there is a soap inside as well as a suction silicone scrubber that does detach for cleaning so that will be fun to try out! I hope it works well! You can find it on boxycharms website!



Next is a lip oil by Kab cosmetics! I LOVE lip oils I feel that they do a really good job hydrating your lips while adding some color as well! You can find this color along with other colors here: KAB Lip Oil



Last we have a rose water setting spray! I really do believe setting sprays work when it comes to keeping your look fresh for the day! This one was great because it does have that rose smell which is really nice! You can find it on boxycharms website!


So if you would like to sign up here is a link! You can cancel at anytime! The box is super affordable and I am always super happy with my box every month! You always save while doing something nice for yourself!!








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