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September 26, 2019

Birth work has changed my life, find something that changes your life.

Doula. I never even knew such a thing existed until I volunteered to help a family member during her labor and delivery with her second child. During the entire experience I was just being helpful because I was always taught that family supports each other so that is just what I did. Since I was already a parent I knew that there were certain ways to comfort someone who needed it and how to comfort properly. So I decided to snap into this role of caregiver and did the best that I could. It changed me. That experience changed me for the better in so many ways.


Not only was I able to help someone find their strength but I was able to gain confidence in myself that I didn’t even know existed. We all have it buried within but sometimes it just takes a life changing event to pull it out of us.


This life changing event of a child being born rocked me in so many ways.



I have always been the type to help others even at such a young age but growing up I never really knew how we were supposed to help in the right way and when was the right time to help. So once I discovered my passion for helping people find their voice during pregnancy and their labor and delivery it opened up my eyes to what else I could do.


Because now I have a voice too and once I discovered that I had to find a way to use it. Becoming a doula wasn’t just a title it was a huge role with many responsibilities, in my own personal opinion. You are now educated to help others educate themselves and to help them learn to advocate for themselves. On top of that you have gained all of this experience and new knowledge why wouldn’t you want to share that with others. 


I decided that volunteering would be a great way to help educate others on top of being hired for births, so I chose to help young pregnant women. It was eye opening. Helping young pregnant girls understand childbirth, give them someone to talk to, be there and support them throughout their rough journey, it really helped me realize how helping others can be so beneficial.


Becoming a birth worker has helped me realize that we tend to live selfish lives, thinking of ourselves and what we think we need next in life, materialistically. When we could really be using our energy elsewhere in a way that could be changing a life or multiple lives. Go change someones life. Stop looking for a physical reward because sometimes seeing EMPOWERMENT is enough of a reward. 


I feel we are all capable of making an impact on someone if we really did try, that has what becoming a birth worker has done for me.



Helping others not feel alone, educating them on their rights and choices along with the entire birthing process, sharing a bond with them and helping them understand that they are never alone. It has changed me in a lot of positive ways. It is exhausting, overwhelming and exciting, but each experience has made me stronger.


Each day I look for a new way to reach out and help someone and I think that we all need to find that something to approach us in a positive way, so we can turn it around and give it back to others. 


Find your thing. Find something in life that YOU ARE passionate about. yes work to make an income but WORK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE it doesn't matter how small or how big the task every little thing can make a HUGE difference to someone.


Dive in. Find yourself. It will take work and time. Go for it. What is stopping you? I found me. Helping and educating and I continue to find myself every day. Take time to make yourself proud. SELF LOVE AND CARE is important and for me, giving back to others is me taking care of me.

Now go take care of you.

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