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December 14, 2020

Balancing emotions after giving birth

The postpartum period is a ROLLERcoaster of things. Feelings are all over the place, your mood is ALL over the place. Hormones suck. You feel like crap. You are trying to figure out life and something called "balance". But it is really hard to try to balance life when you just feel emotionally drained, exhausted and just beat up mentally and emotionally. Balance is a hard thing to try to figure out. Then you throw a new baby in the mix, work or housework or BOTH. Then you are trying to maintain relationships, things just aren't going your way and you feel just "over it". So how does one "balance emotions after childbirth"


The postpartum period is funky because you are still working with pregnancy hormones even though you are no longer pregnant. THEN you are also dealing with postpartum hormones, lactating and more. So the mix is a lot.


Your home environment will play a big part in how you are able to balance hormones after birth. Keeping your space calm and somewhat relaxing will help how you are feeling during the day. I know how hard it can be with all of the stresses in the world weighing on your shoulders while trying to tend to a new baby and trying to find time to shower. But telling your family/partner/kids that you need the home to be "somewhat" calm will help you balance yourself quite a bit. If everything is complete chaos, nobody is helping and the house is a wreck yeah you are going to be a hot mess. But if everyone is helping even LITTLE tasks like laundry, vacuuming, dishes, cooking, bringing you water and snacks you will feel that sense of relief. Even by a little bit!


Everything is on full blast as far as emotions and hormones go, adding the stresses of the home and family can really make things a lot more complicated and worse sometimes. FIND balance. FIND TIME to really focus on you and your emotions. If you are feeling overwhelmed try to find time for a hot shower or bath. If you are feeling sad and down in the dumps OPEN UP and speak up to someone you trust about how you are feeling. If you are feeling angry and mad, talk about how you are feeling to those who can help you. If you don't figure out a way to communicate balancing yourself out will be really really hard. 


Don't try to take on the world. You just had a baby. It could have been yesterday. A month ago. Or SIX months ago. Stop trying to take it all on. The more you try to take on the more you are going to feel suffocated and lost in yourself and your emotions. Take it day by day. Talk about how you are feeling and start letting others help you balance how you are feeling and all that you are doing. Your emotions are valid. Talk about how you are feeling so you aren't drowning in your thoughts and emotions. You just had a baby. Communication about how others can help you will HELP YOU balance how you are doing emotionally. You asking for help is NORMAL and OKAY. It is okay to not be okay emotionally. BUT you do need to express yourself and how you are feeling so others can help you balance those feelings. 


We want you happy, healthy and emotionally okay.  You are doing great but remember we cannot be our best selves if we cannot find a way to balance ourselves emotionally. You just had a baby, it is important to take care of YOU too.

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