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September 07, 2019

Being smart with your baby registry

Baby registries can be extremely exciting [well to me] but can also be very overwhelming if you have never had a baby. You don’t know what they will need or want but ultimately it comes down to the fact that they don’t need much and everything is because you think it is cool and you want it or its super cute and you think your baby will care either way. They won’t care however, i'll give you the scoop on what we added...didn’t use. Didn’t need and what we ended up buying AFTER having baby because we had no idea we would use it. 


Do not limit yourself to all things newborn.  Sure everything labeled newborn and 0-3 months is absolutely adorable and tiny and SO cute. But let me tell you those babies grow so fast that they won’t wear 80% of what you have for them because they won't have the chance to wear it. Unless they are mega pukers like mine then you won’t have any issues. This goes for diapers too. Get some newborns and size 1’s but again remember they are little weeds and once those rolls start coming in those diapers will be popping off at the velcro.


Here are a few diaper brands that I recommend:


The Honest Company Club Box Diapers


Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers



Just because everyone else has it doesn’t mean it is the greatest thing in the world. There are so many fancy cool things out there right now but they are also super expensive and most of the time very unnecessary. Sure your baby needs a bassinet or cradle. Just because someone has this awesome modern looking one doesn’t mean you NEED TO HAVE THE SAME ONE. Would it be cool if you did? Maybe but does your baby care if someone spent 500 on one or if you got one passed down from a friend? No. They just want to sleep and have explosive pooping sessions in said bassinet. Plus think about all of the other awesome things people can get for you and baby for a SMALL fraction of what a super expensive item might cost.


Check out my Amazon shop there are TONS of items that are useful AND affordable:

Chasing Little Bears Shop Sleep & Cribs


Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet


Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet



Stay practical. Onesies, sleepers, sleepsacks, a great functioning swing with awesome safety ratings, a bouncer is always great, a great rated car seat that can be used for years, a way to carry your baby [I am obsessed with my boba carriers], An all in one diaper bag [again stop focusing on brand and focus more on functionality] if you plan to bottle feed any bottle that helps with reducing air flow. Blankets, swaddles [I love adin and anais they are the stretchiest in the world]. Keep it simple but fun. The more laid back you are the more relaxed and less stressed out people shopping for you will be. 


I LOVE sleep sacs and swaddles here are a few brands that I love and recommend for all new and experienced parents:


Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

aden + anais Silky Soft Swaddle Blanket





Register for things that mom needs too. Breast pads, breast milk collection bags, nipple creams and lotions, ANYTHING that can help mom in the postpartum phase. Yes this is a registry about baby but you are bringing a baby into the world and you matter. If you aren’t the one bringing baby into the world find things that can still benefit you during your newborn state with baby. 


GLAND Breastmilk Storage Bags


Organic Nipple Butter



Hire a postpartum Doula for someone [put on your registry] As a postpartum Doula I understand how hard the new baby stage can be. We are super useful and beneficial to the postpartum period with families. If you have a registry put that you are collecting funds to hire a postpartum Doula for said amount of hours after baby. Or if you know someone who is having a baby share the research and benefits of a postpartum Doula with them and see what they think. If they are interested in the experience, you can hire someone [have them meet first of course] and not only are they getting the awesome cutesie things for baby but they will have help at home afterward. 



So overall when you are creating your registry stay practical and real. Don’t be greedy [even though those awesome overpriced things can be fun and cute to look at] baby just wants a happy loving home. Keep it real and honest and of course have fun!


But remember that $50 outfit will have its share of diaper blowouts so in reality keep it simple because poop almost always stains.


You can find LOTS of awesome other baby items that I recommend in my amazon shop [shop tab] where everything is categorized based off of what you need for baby!


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