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April 29, 2020

Baby movement during pregnancy - Quickening and beyond

Pregnancy is such an amazing thing to be able to experience but there is NOTHING like feeling your baby move especially for the first time. So when will it happen? What will it feel like? Will it be obvious? Weird? Exciting? Let’s talk about it.



What does it feel like? Quickening is the first little movements and it feels like twitching or “popcorn popping” it was really hard for me to tell sometimes because I always just assumed I had gas because that is what it feels like. Gas bubbles. A butterfly under your skin. As your pregnancy continues and baby or babies will grow they will become stronger and stronger and the popcorn will turn into complete body rolls and then it will eventually feel like an aliens movie. It can be weird. AND super exciting because it is sometimes a weird confirmation that there is a tiny human growing inside, at least that is how it felt for me! Like OH WOW this is the real deal. 


How often will it happen? While baby is still so small for a while it might not be obvious every single day however when you get further along and baby starts really growing and gaining you will feel baby every single day. Remember to always trust your instincts and if you feel concerned always reach out to your dr or ob about anything that you may be feeling. Sometimes you may not feel baby often because of your placenta. The position of your placenta can make it harder to feel baby move. This is usually due to an anterior placenta which can make it harder to feel baby move due to baby being extra cushioned by the placenta lying at the front of your stomach giving some extra padding. This is usually determined by ultrasound and is nothing to be concerned with.


You should feel baby every single day as you get further along. Some days you will feel baby every few days while they are still small but once you are cruising into your third trimester you should feel baby every day. You should be feeling baby between 18-23 weeks if you feel concerned ring your doctor see about a scan or check up just to make sure everything is okay.


What does it mean when baby moves? It means a lot of things actually! Baby will get the hiccups and you will FEEL the baby having hiccups. Baby will stretch and you might feel a foot or arm jabbed somewhere. Baby is happy and active and wants to party. Maybe you had too much caffeine or juice and you gave the baby a little boost and they want to show off. Baby moving is NOT a bad sign. So enjoy it! 


If the baby doesn’t move is that bad? Not necessarily but it can be. As mentioned in the beginning it will feel subtle and popcorn like and won’t be as often then as baby grows you will notice baby and a pattern and usually pick up on when they are awake and asleep. Once you start your third trimester baby will have packed on some pounds and is starting to really throw a punch and you will want to start kick counts. Your provider will talk about this with you and give you more details and always talk with them if you have concerns. It is important to notice movements throughout the day if you ever feel concerned, lay down on your side, have some juice and relax. Baby is usually ready to party once you decide to relax, listen to your body always. 



Baby will continue to move until you have baby, even during labor!



If you feel concerned don’t put it off, reach out to your dr right away if you feel like your baby's movements have slowed down or stopped phone your dr.



Enjoy those movements. Bond with your baby. Talk to baby, sing, play music and embrace your bond with your baby. I remember feeling each of my children move and it was just incredible feeling their little bodies, it was such a great bonding experience. Enjoy your bonding experience with your little babe. I loved when my kiddos would respond to my voice or sounds. I would lay down at night and just wait for them to wake up and party and I would poke my stomach sometimes and they would respond and it was just an amazing experience. Enjoy.



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