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August 19, 2020

august's boxycharm box review

I LOVE MY MONTHLY mom box because it is MY box! I never ever do anything for myself so when this monthly box comes I just get so giddy and excited! A little self love goes a long way even if it is just in goody box form!


This is the last summer box before we get into fall and love the fun summer colors that are on the item card! Cute and very summery!





The first item in my fun mom box is an Active Glow Tinted Day Cream by QMS Medicosmetics! This cream is perfect for after you clean your face after a long day and head to bed! This cream is lightweight, sheer and it helps blur imperfections and helps your skin look and feel more even! This item has an MSRP of $105.00 you can get it from Boxycharms website! I am looking forward to adding it to my daily skin routine!




Next we have a Nude beach eyeshadow palette by Cargo and I LOVE eyeshadow so whenever I get some in my box I get really excited. I am a play it safe type when it comes to eye shadow so I loved that this one had a more "nude" feel to it. Gorgeous colors but still soft and subtle for a nice dressed up lid this palette comes with 9 different shades! You can get this eye shadow palette for $39.99!





Next we have a Velvet lip Perfecter by Clarins Paris and I am ALREADY OBSESSED! This color is STUNNING and I LOVE matte lippies! This specific lippie runs $26.00! It is an ALL day color stay that also stays very well pigmented!





Next we have an AMAZING Mini Matte lip crayon set by Trestique. Okay so FIRST OF ALL this is amazing because instead of just getting ONE color you get FIVE soooo one for all of my moods throughout the day. This set runs $58.00





Okay So the LAST item in this months mama box is a Definer brow pencil by Realher. So just to clarify I have ZERO idea how to do my brows. Some of you guys have these incredible well sculpted brows and they are just amazing. Mine. yeah no. SO now that I have this super awesome pencil I might have to look up how to do my brows because they are kind of a hot mess. This pencil is a long lasting which is cool. This pencil runs $16.00




SO just to point it out AGAIN. Spend the 20 whatever a month ON YOURSELF and get a mama box delivered so you can try new amazing products, save a ton of money and work on that self care!!!












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