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April 23, 2020

April's BoxyCharm Box Review

LOVE LOVE LOVE my box. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. I know I always say that but it is just so true. It is like a surprise mom makeover box filled with goodies JUST for me.Well sometimes my almost 7 year old loves to get into my subscription box and see what goodies I can share with her.

If you HAVE NOT and would like to go sign up its easy and you can cancel at any time or skip a month or whatever if you don't want to do monthly! Boxycharm.com  For only $25 a month you can really get a fun box just for you every month.



Let's not waste anymore time and get started!



This box was great because it had goodies that I NEEDED. Well NOT NEED but yeah okay I needed ;)



Love the little cards that come in each box It kind of sets a "Theme" and this months theme is Festival which is a cute theme for the box.





Okay! The first item in this month's box is a professional primer by Benefit Cosmetics. Honestly I didn't know much about makeup until a few years ago and I had no idea "primer" was a thing but apparently it is so when I get a primer I get excited. Plus when I use a quality primer my skin feels better, the makeup stays better AND I have less breakouts. This primer is a GREAT quality primer and I have actually used this brand for a while and I like how hydrated my skin feels after wearing it! This primer retails for $32.00






Next in this month's box was a blender set by Hank & Henry and I LOVE make up blenders! And this set is super cute! Look at the cute little owl! killin me! This set retails for $23.00






Next in the box was a plumping lip gloss by Iconic London and the color was Peek A Boo! SO PRETTY! This gloss retails for $26.00 and if you have not noticed the box paid for itself after the first item :)





I LOVE LOVE LOVE brushes. I used to use my finger to put my eye shadow on for years then I discovered brushes with the rest of the world and now I am hooked on quality brushes! This is the cutest set! And I love that each brush is labeled because honestly, I have NO clue what each brush does. This is a 5 piece neon brush set by Lavish! LOVE! This brush set goes for $29.99




I had to take a photo of each so you can see how the colors pop and the fact that they are labeled is just awesome for those of us out there that have ZERO idea what each brush does.



The hot pink one is for "Tampered blending"


The Orange one is a "Pencil eye shadow brush"


The yellow one is a "Fine liner brush"


The green one is a "Brow grooming brush"


The last brush in this cute little set is an "Eye shading brush"




The LAST thing in my monthly box is this GORGEOUS eye shadow palette called "cocoa blend" by Zoeva! Loving this one and I can't wait to test these colors out! This palette costs $28.00
"Selected with Love" What a cute little message on the inside
Pretty colors!
AWESOME and fun box! After being cooped up inside for what feels like 10 years this will be a pick me up!
So for $25 a month my box was full of amazing products totaling $139. So sign up it is a no brainer ;)
Until next month friends!

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