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June 04, 2020

The ABC's of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is hard, frustrating but VERY rewarding. Remember to give yourself grace, you are doing an amazing job. 

 Abandon high expectations.

This is SO important. I think we all hold super high standards when homeschooling our kids. We want them to go above and beyond and do everything on time and prompt without complaint, but what does this accomplish? Stress. Anxiety. Frustration. Set realistic goals and take the days as they come. Understand that every child learns at a different pace and take it day by day. 

 Be more parent LESS principle.

You are not a principle. You are a parent and your home school journey is a combined effort. If you are strict and leaving no room for error the environment will become super overwhelming and stressful for everyone. 


Homeschooling is NOT an easy task. It is taxing, overwhelming and full of feelings and frustrations. Make sure you are committed as your kids need you and YOU need you to be the best that you can. But also remember to give yourself grace, understand that you can ONLY do what you can't...but commit. 

Decide what works best for YOU and YOUR family.

This is really important to remember. Not every family is the same. Not every family learns the same. Decide on a schedule and curriculum that works best for you and yours and try not to compare to everyone else and their “schedules”. 

Expect it to be a super ROCKY and crazy road.

Expect for things to get crazy. Expect to feel out of it and out of control sometimes. Understand that the things you were expecting or weren’t expecting to possibly change at any moment. Expect to feel lost and like giving up, keep pushing forward and expect change that way when change does come it's not a huge surprise. 


Stay flexible and not so ‘on schedule’. I love a good schedule as much as the next person but remember not everything has to be “ON time” if you focus too much on being “by the book” things will feel rushed, you want to find a flexible schedule that works for you.

Get outside... a lot.

This is so important! Especially when you are home all day doing school work with your kiddo you can feel super overwhelmed and just need a breather! Do outdoor activities, go outside and go for a nice walk or just stand outside and breathe the fresh air. It can do wonders!

Have alone time.

Being a teacher is hard. Being a parent is hard. Combine the two and it is really hard! You are putting in so much work it is important to remember to take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, read a book, take a bubble bath, do ANYTHING that brings you peace even if it's for a moment.


Remind your child [children] that having independence is really important. You probably spend a lot of time together. It is good to have alone time too. Remind your children that having some independence to work on projects, to read a book or to do an activity on their own is very good for them.

Just take a break if you need it.

IT IS OKAY TO WALK AWAY. I am grown. YET I find myself very overwhelmed when it comes to teaching my children. It isn’t that I don’t know much I do, but sometimes I feel that it’s TOO much and I just need to walk away and take a break. TAKE THE BREAK.

Keep going.

this is hard because sometimes I feel SO overwhelmed that i just want to quit. Not just while homeschooling but with work, activities, hobbies. It can feel like a huge heavy weight, just keep going it will get easier and the end is in sight. Your children will thank you for it.


Set limits. This will help your children understand simply what works and what doesn’t, what is okay and what isn’t. Everyone needs to know where the line is. Don’t be TOO strict but set limits on behavior.

Mistakes happen.

Understand that homeschooling is tough work. For everyone. Mistakes happen and EVERY DAY is a day of learning not only in the classroom. You are going to have bad days, you are going to have days where you don’t have as much patience. Give yourself some grace, you are allowed to have off days.

Not everyone is on the same learning path.

This is so important and cannot be stressed enough. Everyone has their own way of learning and processing and it is important not to compare, simply just let them be. 

Open the door to change.

This is REALLY important because not everyone will be okay with a specific way of learning and teaching. Be open to your child or children coming to you with new ideas, new learning paths and new challenges. Change is hard but when it comes to our children and their education change is OFTEN and it is okay!

Patience, patience, patience.

Have patience and never run out because homeschooling isn’t an easy thing to experience, but it is VERY rewarding. Mistakes will happen, grades will suffer, assignments won’t get completed, there will be attitudes and frustration. BREATHE and have patience because the end result is so rewarding. 


Easy. That is it. QUIT comparing. 

Remember why you are homeschooling.

What is the goal. Why are you homeschooling. Ask yourself why you embraced on this journey. Focus on the big picture and remind yourself on what your goal is.

Stay fun and happy.

Your children love you. They understand you are their parent and their teacher but it is okay to have fun. Take breaks, turn on some music. DANCE. Laugh. Enjoy. Have some ice cream and say “we will finish this later”. Don’t let the task of homeschooling turn you into a strict person.I know. Harsh. But it’s easy to slip into a role of educator and see a one way street with tasks and all this pressure of completing assignments and on time. WHICH IS OKAY. But remember to be happy and to laugh and to have fun, especially with your children. 

Time outs.

Time outs do not always have to be a NEGATIVE thing. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed put yourself in time out and if your child is feeling over it and stressed out tell them to take a time out. I tell my kids “TAKE a breather! GO have some quiet time, you aren’t in trouble but sometimes when we feel overwhelmed and act out we need to remove ourselves and have a moment alone”

Under pressure.

You will feel the PRESSURE. It will feel suffocating at times. But try not to let the pressure of education bring you down. You’ve got this! Push forward and remember that you are killin it as a teacher and your efforts will never go unnoticed!

Victories happen every day.

This is key. Remember that even small victories are worth celebrating. A spelling quiz, a positive attitude, trying a new sport, reading a new book. ALL victories are worth celebrating and all positive victories.

Worth it all.

Sometimes we stop and ask ourselves “is this worth it” What makes me helping my children gain an education vs them going to school during the day a better option? Remind yourself that everyone's efforts and hard work will be SO beneficial. Even if we cannot see it right now, we will. 

Set realistic eXpectations.

Don’t go 150%. Go in like 50% that way you can build yourself up, not be so hard on yourself if you struggle. And when you hit HUGE goals you will feel amazing.

You cannot do it all, and that is OKAY.

Remind yourself that you are only human. ONE human. Not 30 humans. So do what you can the rest will fall into place.


Use it to interact with other parents, teacher friends and other students. Just because you are homeschooling doesn’t mean that social interaction is done. There are so many amazing programs available for us to be able to interact with one another. USE them.

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