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September 29, 2019

having a c-section is still giving birth

Oh my gosh I cannot believe that it even needs to be said out loud but for those who are ignorant LISTEN UP. JUST BECAUSE I HAD A C SECTION DOESN'T MEAN I CHOSE "The easy way out" OR WHATEVER THAT EVEN MEANS.


It means I gave birth. I had a baby. I am just as strong and powerful as someone who had given birth vaginally and it sucks that we even have to say that.


I cannot even explain how many times someone has said to me "Oh you have had c sections? LUCKY! It seems like the easy way out". Okay because 6 weeks of pain in your abdomen after being sliced open to have a baby removed sounds so easy...sign me up! No it is pain. Tiring. You are medicated. You cannot even get up out of the bed on your own without crying. Need to laugh? try not to. Cry? Try again.


Don't even talk to me about trying to poop. Because if you need to poop you better grab a pillow hold it tight and sob your eyes out. But it sounds so easy right? 



GIVING BIRTH IS HARD. It doesn't matter how you gave birth, where you gave birth or when you gave birth. If you had a baby come out of your body in some way shape or form, you gave birth and you should know how bad ass and powerful you are. It sucks that the way we birth our children gets compared to others like someone did it better. Just because someone gave birth in a tub at home pain med free [which is badass] and you gave birth in a hospital bed with an epidural [also badass] or if you had a c section [also makes you a badass] doesn't make one better than the other. 


No birth is better than the other. What is important is how YOU felt about your birth and that is all that matters.




Having a baby by c section isn't "a cop out OR taking the high road or easy way out" or whatever people like to say. It is hard work and it is painful but also just as rewarding.


I remember with my C sections the anxiety. OH was it overwhelming. You can't move. The pressure is intense. The room smells way too clean and it is way too bright. One was an emergency the other two scheduled because that was MY CHOICE.  I had a dry mouth and I could feel my heart racing. IT WAS NOT EASY. But in the end I GAVE BIRTH to my beautiful children. There is strength that comes with every birth. C section. Home birth. Hospital birth. Pain medicine or no pain medicine. We are all strong and capable and we should be treated as such.



Try not to get confused on what you may think "real childbirth is" because there is no "real childbirth" there is just birth.



Be proud of your c sections mamas. You did good.

Be proud of your vaginal births.





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