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January 01, 2020

8 things to quit in the new year

Every year we set these huge goals for ourselves as we head into the new year and usually they are pretty simple or pretty much the same as the year before. It is so wonderful that we set these goals for ourselves every year to better ourselves and future. Lose weight, make more money, live stress free. Great goals. However, SELF care should ALWAYS be a number one priority.


We cannot reach all of these amazing goals we set for ourselves if we aren't taking care of ourselves in a healthy positive way.




1. Quit trying to please everyone.

This is something I have always been guilty of. Pleasing EVERYONE ELSE first leaving myself in the dust and while pleasing others can be okay sometimes it is okay to say no. SAY NO. It will be okay. Say no put yourself first and if you aren't always pleasing someone it is okay. They will survive. Stop focusing all of your energy on making sure everyone is happy and make sure you are happy. Take care of those closest to you but as far as pleasing EVERYONE, it is unrealistic and unhealthy.




It is okay to cut those who bring you more bad than good. The ones who are constantly bringing you down and making you feel unimportant and little. The ones who don't put ANY energy toward you and your relationship in a positive way. It is okay to quit those who aren't good and healthy for you. Once you do you can start making yourself a priority and you will soon begin to focus on the good healthy people in your life because you won't be putting everything into the unhealthy. 



3. Quit overthinking.

I over think EVERYTHING. Sometimes things happen the way that they are going to happen and we are 100% NOT in control and when that happens we have to stop assuming we did something or that we can change it. If people in our lives need space stop taking it personal. Over thinking every little thing will only eat you up you have to remember that most of the time not everything is about you so stop thinking that way and focus your energy on things that are really important vs over thinking. 



4. Quit the clutter.

THIS IS HUGE. I have personally discovered that clutter gives me extreme anxiety and stresses me out. I do purge Friday's where I will take bags and just go into a room and start tossing and donating. Once I do I feel SO much better. Clutter can be a lot and when you are already super stressed out seeing the extra clutter around your home and space can really feel like a heavy weight.



5. Quit the extra spending.

We all want to have savings. We all want to be able to pay off those extra bills and debts. STOP over spending. I do what's called envelope spending and it is a trick my father in law taught me years ago. You have all of your money ready for auto pay ect but the things that you physically purchase you take envelopes and you budget every month for gas, coffee ect. Then when you start to run low you will discover what is more of a saving priority. You will realize you spend more in gas and food and need to spend less on coffee and move your envelope money around.  Because once you run out you will have to pull from your account which is what you DON'T want to do. You want to save and prioritize. Not only that you will stop over spending on clothes and random things you don't need finding yourself with more in your checking account. Then you will find at the end of the month you will have extra cash from not spending and you can put that into savings. Adds up!



6. Quit living in the past.

Grow from your past and let it shape your future. We all tend to slip back and grieve what once happened but how are we able to heal and move forward if we don't let go and move on from the past. Breathe. Move forward and better yourself and your future and leave EVERYTHING that has brought you pain in the past. Heal and grieve if need. You can't LET it all go and forget but you can continue to heal and better yourself to be stronger in the future.



7. Quit social media [breaks are healthy]

It's okay. You can do it. TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. I love dinking around online just as much as the next person but the internet is also full of drama, hate, self doubt, negativity. Sure there is a lot of positive but take breaks. Every few months take a week off. Focus on yourself, your family, being present in your own growth. 



8. Quit fearing change.

Even if the change is small take the plunge. Change your happiness. Change how you eat. Change who you spend your time with. OR go for the big and change jobs. Go back to school. Don't be afraid of change because if you want to grow in your life and future you have to be willing to make those small changes.


Focus on yourself in the new year and focus on what matters. Self growth and self love. Let go of everything that brings you sadness if it is people or things let it go and fill your life with positive.

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