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December 22, 2019

50 uplifting sentences every child needs to hear

We do our absolute best to be positive and uplifting especially when it comes to talking with out children however, sometimes we get so caught up in the day and what’s going on we tend to forget to say the things they want to hear from us.


I am guilty of just saying things to get my kids to go play or to go have time alone when really I do mean well. I need to change my word usage so it doesn’t sound like I’m pushing them away or making it seem like I don’t care, when I do. Sometimes I am just tired so I say "Okay cool go play..That's nice...awesome" When really I should be putting more of an effort into what I am saying and how I am saying it. I love my children and I deeply care about what they are doing and saying but sometimes yeah, I sound like I brush things off.



We want our children to know we love and support them so say it. Positively and in every situation you can. Even as our children age they act like they are cool or that they don't care but in reality we will ALWAYS make a huge impact on them and their lives. They need to know no matter what they go through good or bad we always are there to lift them up and keep them going.



I have decided I am going to work on myself and work on positive parenting. Sure I will forever make mistakes as a parent but there are little things that I can do every day to improve the way I interact with my kids. I sat down and really focused on what I want to say to my kids vs what I do say. There are so many positive remarks and responses I hope that by following my own example I can make a positive impact on them. I strive every day to be the best mom that I can be but I have a lot of self growth to do. Happy kids start with the parents so let’s take the positive steps so we can create happy kids.



This is me working on things I can say to my kids so they know how much I value them and our relationship 



1) I think you’re fantastic

2) Thank you for always helping me around the house even if you are just doing chores.

3) You are beautiful just the way you are

4) Thank you for being such a great kid

5) I support you and your dreams 

6) You make me smile

7) You have a big heart


9) Great job in school you always do your best 

10) I appreciate you

11) I will always have your back

12) You make me laugh I love your sense of humor 

13) I will always forgive you 

14) You have great ideas

15) I love being your parent

16) Your opinions matter

17) You are loved

18) You are valuable 

19) I’m listening 

20) Your friends are lucky to have you


22) Nobody is perfect 

23) You are very brave

24) I can’t wait to hear about your day

25) You are enough

26) Let’s try again tomorrow 

27) You are so smart 

28) I’m excited to spend time with you 

29) You were right 

30) You can say no

31) I trust you

32) Always be yourself 

33) It’s okay to be different 

34) That’s a great question 

35) I admire you

36) It’s okay to cry

37) Seeing you happy makes me happy 

38) Keep up the good work 

39) You are wonderful 

40) It’s okay to fail

41) Great idea!

42) It’s okay to ask for help 

43) Life isn’t a competition 

44) Let’s celebrate even the small victories 

45) You make me proud

46) That’s ok

47) We make a great team

48) I understand you

49) You are capable 

50) You will always be my pride and joy in life 



These are such positive and kind things to say to your children. You are opening doors allowing them to understand and feel safe knowing that you are there to always support them. Even your teenage child or even your GROWN child. Say something every morning even if you come off as annoying because you have no idea what they have going on at school or with friends or even at work.


Our children need us so be there. Listen to them and reassure them. Let them know no matter how young or how old they always have your support and guidance. Even on our hard days we have to remember they are sponges and will remember our words for a long time.


It doesn’t matter how old they get they will always want your love and to hear your kind words.




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