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May 06, 2020

20 activities to do with your family when you're stuck inside

Boredom has set in.


Everyone is home and not much to do in the real world. So what to do? Everyone is arguing and not much to do but play video games and watch netflix [that actually sounds pretty nice] but what can you do as a FAMILY. How can we WANT to include each other and enjoy the quality time spent without wanting to lose our minds? Don’t act like you don’t want to go crazy sometimes.



Being home with family 24/7 is a gift but sometimes it can be overwhelming, so I decided to make a list of super awesome things to do with your family. FOR FREE. Which is always nice. Because kids get bored FAST.



The key to keeping my kids happy and occupied is challenging them. I feel that if we give them a small task they get bored easily our kids need to be CHALLENGED. Keep their little mins flowing and exploring!


1. Scavenger hunt - This is a great idea and SO fun! It challenges the kids and keeps them busy for some time! You can always do themed hunts too! Keep it interesting and different every time!


2. Talent show - We do this and it is SO fun. You have the kids pick a talent and it can be ANYTHING then you create a stage you can use a curtain for a backdrop and have them perform. It is so fun and gets them to really spark their creativity and be more open to talking in front of others. 


3. Card Games - We have BIG UNO fans in our house. They can literally go for hours playing that game. The fun thing about card games is that there are SO many different ways to play cards to keep them busy and you all laughing for hours.


4. Home movie theater - A FAN FAVORITE in our house. You just head over to the dollar store get some candies and treats and some popcorn. I like to make my own fake money and price all of the items. You pick a movie everyone gets their goodies and get settled in for the movie. So fun and super inexpensive.


5. Living room fort - Gather all of the chairs and blankets and make a cave, dungeon, castle, whatever your children think of. Have fun, let go of house rules and stop trying to tidy up.


6. Lego challenge - They have a ton of really fun challenges when it comes to lego building. My kids love lego challenges. It keeps them trying new things and seeing what they can come up with. I don’t like to give them a PHOTO of what to create. I really like to just give an idea and see what they can come up with. It is a lot of fun when they choose to work together being forced to work together. 


7. Make homemade pizza - This is also a fan favorite in our home. There are SO MANY ways to make a pizza so let them go wild and create something that they will either enjoy or regret!


8. Make a cardboard playhouse house/dollhouse - Let’s be honest for a second. We all have cardboard laying around especially those frequent amazon shoppers. Create something fun, gather tape and paint and see what you and your kids can come up with.


9. Real life minecraft - Say what!?!? If you have a child over the age of 5 you probably know ALL about minecraft. Gather some paper/cardstock/cardboard and create LOTS of squares but cutting them out. Paint them, color them or decorate them. See what you can create. You can glue them to a surface of some sort or just use them as free floating pieces and start from scratch after you create something fun!


10. Creative hopscotch - Add extra “tasks” to your hopscotch creation on the sidewalk. Add a twist, jump, freeze, dance move whatever! Then once you and your kids have mastered, wash it away and create a new one!


11. Teach your kids how to bake - My kids LOVE being in the kitchen you don’t have to go master chef [unless you want to] but start with bread, make a pie or a cake, let them come up with some fun ideas.


12. Board Games - Classic. The awesome thing about playing board games is the options are ENDLESS. So if they get bored suggest a different game to play!


13. Create a puzzle - This is one we have done and it is so much fun! You can draw out a design and color it on cardboard and cut it into pieces then have everyone put it together! If you want to get REALLY creative and if you have the tools you can do a wooden puzzle and use large pieces and to spruce it up you can glue the pieces together!


14. Make a time capsule - Collect things as a family and maybe write a note to yourself or each other and then bury the time capsule somewhere! Then later down the road years later come back to it! One day your kids can tell their kids about the crazy times they experienced.


15. Make a scrapbook - This is fun because you and your family can each have ideas to go into a family scrapbook and have the memories forever!


16. Create a stop motion movie - You can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube but my son likes to do his own stop motion movies with legos! So creative and fun! You can even write a script and get really creative! My kids like to recreate starwars lego movies or Harry potter!


17. Indoor camping - Set up blanket tents or set up an actual tent in the living room. OR do backyard camping if the weather permits! You can tell stories before bed, smores, cozy up and stargaze. 


18. Play interview - This is fun we usually do this during the holidays when there is a lot of out of town family together but you each create a unique list of questions then you interview your family. You can even play “this or that” it puts everyone on the spot and you really can learn a lot about each other.


19. Start an indoor garden - Plant seeds in an egg carton or get a seed starter kit from any garden section at a store and start a little garden! It will be fun for you to all watch the seeds sprout then eventually you can plant your plants outside!


20. Tea party - Set up your space, get out some dishes, make some sandwiches go all out! My older daughter loves getting dressed up and making invitations for everyone in the house to attend.

Enjoy your time with your family, it can be hard when we are all cooped up sometimes and nowhere to go but get creative and keep those little ones busy! When we get creative it will have the kids bond with each other and remember the fun things they did as a family when they were younger!



Sometimes they act like they are too cool to try a new family game or activity but when we all start having fun they let go and enjoy the time.

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05/08/20 at 11:59AM PST

Great post! I also wrote one similar but I like that your list items are different than mine! Thanks for sharing!

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Samantha | admin

05/08/20 at 12:18PM PST

I wanted to come up with a list of things we have been doing as a family. It is great to find new ideas these kids are going crazy haha

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