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March 14, 2021

123 Baby Box - Product Review

I absolutely love exploring new products that might benefit my family or other families in some way! So when https://123babybox.com/ contacted me to do a product review for them I was really excited as I LOVE unboxings! I am always extremely honest and open about how I feel about all products as I find that to be valuable when it comes to shopping for your families. I really enjoy doing all product reviews whether I pay for them or they are gifted to me from a company of some sort I really do put the time into making sure I check out every single item for the best review in return. - this review may contain affiliate links that cost NOTHING extra to you through clicking or purchasing.


THE DETAILS: You can sign up for a monthly subscription, 6 months or annual. Prices vary, you can find more details on their website https://123babybox.com/


Well! Shall we?!




The first thing I would like to say about this box was the presentation. I LOVE the color of the box. I also really like the wrapping that added a really nice professional touch. TO ME those details show the love and care that went into packing and I love that. The yellow just screams at me and I really like that! It is vibrant and engaging for both ME and my little! I have a one year old, she is my youngest and I really enjoy sharing these boxes with her it is so fun seeing her explore new things!



As we got into our box the first thing you find is a yellow pamphlet. I really liked that it goes into detail about the items in  your box as well as pricing, information and more! Those details are great for those who want to purchase things individually plus when you spend money on a box SEEING how much you save is really important.

Super cute and VIBRANT and fun informational piece!




The first goodie in this FUN box was a crinkle book! These fun books are great because your little could throw it in water, get it dirty, chew on it, whatever and it will still be easier to clean than most other books. I love the different tails on the book it was super cute and she enjoyed it!




Next was a super cute constellation blanket for your baby! This is cute because it has day, month and year on it so you can do you monthly photos with your baby during the first year! Although my youngest is older than one this would make the PERFECT gift for a friend or family member with a little one! SUPER soft. It is a bit small but all babies vary in size so what might not work for you might work for another little! Super cute!




Moving right along. WE HAVE AN ELECTRIC BOOGER SUCKER. Well it is for the ear and nose but you MIGHT be able to understand my excitement. Okay this is something that I AM ACTUALLY really excited about. AS A PARENT. THE AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU ATTEMPT TO GET STUFF OUT OF NOSES is a ton. I have used quite a few alternatives. I love the nose frida I have used a bulb syringe. But I WEIRDLY have always wanted an electronic booger sucker because baby or toddler, it is HARD getting snot out when they aren't feeling well! 




NEXT is a TRAVEL RAZOR FOR YOU - THE PARENT. This is really interesting because until SEEING IT when opening the box I had no idea such a thing existed. I have been in situations where I have needed a razor, needed soap, something to use at a friends or work or whatever and I have never had something like that. WELL NOW I DO. And this is actually something I would recommend getting for even your teenagers! You never know when they might be at a friends, OR a baby shower gift. At the hospital! Gym bag! SO MANY GIFTING IDEAS! It comes with two razors, soap and IT ALSO IS A REFILLABLE SPRAY BOTTLE so one of the sides sprays water. GENIUS. 


Here is a link to buy it on amazon!

4 in 1 Portable Razor




So when my youngest was a baby EVERYONE RAVED about the owl sound machine and I just NEVER GOT one! But it was something that everyone was talking about! You can get the full sized one or the stroller/car seat one which is cool and helpful! The one that came in this box was the stroller one which is SUPER cute and it plays a few sounds and a few melodies and has a timer! Super cute I will have to take it on our next walk! The great thing about when you get these boxes is WHATEVER you are able to pass along can be passed along. Nothing goes to waste so that is wonderful.

You can order one here: Owl White Noise Travel




THE LAST item in our cute 123 box was some fuzzy socks! They were labeled as for mom BUT they did not fit BUT THAT IS OKAY because I have two older kiddos and it isn't a complete loss as they will fit one of them and they will be happy with them! They aren't anything super crazy but those fun little prizes are a nice surprise!


WELL there you have it! A walk through of my 123 baby box! It is important to remember boxes will be different and they will be created based off of your child's age and development. You can sign up here: CHECK OUT 123 BABY BOX HERE!



Thank you 123 baby box for reaching out and sending me an AWESOME box to open check out and explore with my youngest! While there might be a few things that my little might not be able to use I do know others with babies that would be able to use a few things. lovely! thank you!



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