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Welcome to Your Parenting and Support Community


I genuinely feel that it takes a village to raise a family and if we stick together through the good and the bad we might have a decent chance of raising decent humans.

Hey! I am Samantha. I live in Central Oregon with my husband and our three tiny people. I am very outspoken, opinionated, caring and I love like crazy. I am passionate about helping, educating, telling it how it is and making people laugh. I am also all about birth rights and helping others feel empowered about their birth choices. I will always go above and beyond to help someone that needs it but please don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

My children are everything to me and there is nothing like a mama bear and her love for her cubs. I feel that no matter how old our children get we are constantly chasing them around in this thing called life not only that, they will ALWAYS be little to us even when they are six feet tall. Hence the name, Chasing little bears. Our children are like bears. Feral, cute, lazy and will do their best to hibernate in the winter. Not only that they are always together, sticking it out as a breed and never giving up on each other.

I am just a mama doing my best, trying to raise my kids to be decent and trying not to lose my mind at the same time.


Birth work is a huge passion of mine and helping others find their voice is very important to me especially in the birth world. I am a certified labor and birth doula who is also thriving to become a lactation counselor and I am also passionate about helping during the postpartum period. Never be ashamed of knowing what you want when it comes to your birth. Stand your ground and use your voice, you’re stronger than you think so own it!